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joeyklee and shiffman PoseNet Examples - singlePose() (#82)
* moved posenet webcam example to /webcam

* updated contributing wit directions on  handling example subdirectories

* added PoseNet_image_single - for single image detection

* show image and detections when poses are available

* stop looping when image is rendered

* added comments

* formatted code

* added callback functions and fixed code errors

* just adding some missing semi-colons!

* changed example to use poseNet event listener

* added comments and used event listener poseNet.on(...)
Latest commit bd77fc9 Dec 4, 2018
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PoseNet_image_single PoseNet Examples - singlePose() (#82) Dec 3, 2018
PoseNet_webcam Added PoseNet example for single image & moved webcam example to subd… Nov 29, 2018