jQuery plugin to add Instagram feed to a page
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jQuery plugin to add Instagram feed to a page.


  • Simple
  • Responsive
  • Infinite loading while scrolling down
  • Link to a location on map (configurable either via caption text @12.34,56.78 or via image location tag)
  • Configurable image caption with "caption", "location", "likes"




Option Type Configuration for Description Default
access_token string Instagram API Authorization (required)
endpoint string Instagram API Endpoint of Instagram API media source users/self
count number Instagram API Number of results for one API request 10
size string Instagram API Instagram image resolution: low_resolution, standard_resolution low_resolution
offset number MasonGram Distance (percent) from bottom of page where new API request is sent 10
caption string MasonGram HTML content of caption, with variables: {caption}, {location}, {likes} {caption}


Event Description
masongram:error Triggered when error detected
masongram:api:end Triggered when reached end of API resources


  • jQuery
  • Masonry (jQuery plugin)
  • ImagesLoaded (jQuery plugin)