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0.2.2 (2012-04-27)

  • Document all public API functions using TomDoc and let generate documentation in markdown format from it, see
  • Rename test_skip to test_skip_ as it is internal.
  • Clean up test/Makefile.
  • Sync Git README with upstream.

0.2.1 (2012-03-01)

  • Fix: Redirect stdin of tests (by @peff).
  • Unify coding style across all shell scripts.
  • Remove superfluous functions sane_unset and test_declared_prereq.
  • Get rid of variables DIFF and TEST_CMP_USE_COPIED_CONTEXT.
  • Remove dysfunctional smoke testing targets from test/Makefile.
  • Add Travis CI config.
  • Add top-level Makefile to say make test.
  • Add GPL header to all files from Git.

0.2.0 (2011-12-13)

  • Rename to
  • Strip more Git-specific functionality.
  • Add variable SHARNESS_VERSION.
  • Move self-tests to test folder; keep essential files in root.
  • Update README.
  • Add this history file.

0.1.1 (2011-11-02)

  • Merge changes to test harness library from Git v1.7.8-rc0

0.1.0 (2011-05-02)

  • First version based on test harness library from Git v1.7.5
  • Remove Git-specific functions, variables, prerequisites, make targets, etc.
  • Remove GIT_ prefix from global variables.
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