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Sharness is a portable shell library to write, run, and analyze automated tests for Unix programs. Since all tests output TAP, the Test Anything Protocol, they can be run with any TAP harness.

Sharness was derived from the Git project - see README.git for the original documentation.


The following files are essential to using Sharness:

  • - core shell library providing test functionality, see separate API documentation
  • - helper script to aggregate test results
  • Makefile - test driver

Copy them to the project you want to write automated tests for, e.g. to a folder named test.

To learn how to write and run actual test scripts based on, please read README.git until I come up with more documentation myself.

Projects using Sharness

See how Sharness is used in real-world projects:


Sharness is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 or higher. See file COPYING for full license text.


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