Knife plugin to generate from metadata.rb
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This is a Knife plugin to generate a skeleton file from a cookbook's metadata.rb file.

  • create the first bits of documentation you can build upon
  • write documentation that is consistent among your or your team's cookbooks
  • implement the DRY/SPOT rule (metadata.rb is the authoritative source of information)


You can install the plugin via RubyGems:

$ gem install knife-cookbook-readme

Alternatively, you can install the plugin from source:

$ git clone git://
$ cd knife-cookbook-readme/
$ bundle install
$ bundle exec rake install

Afterwards, the new knife command knife cookbook readme from FILE will be available.


knife cookbook readme from FILE (options)

    -t, --template FILE              Set template file used to render


    knife cookbook readme from path/to/metadata.rb
    knife cookbook readme from path/to/metadata.rb --template

Note that the command will write the generated output to STDOUT. Simply redirect the output to to write to a file.


Here is a list of other documentation tools for Chef (sorted alphabetically):


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