Talk to the packagecloud API, in Go
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Talk to the packagecloud API, in Go.


$ go get

API Usage

See Godoc and pkgcloud.go to learn about the API.

Client Usage

Pushing packages

Pushing packages with pkgcloud-push is the only operation supported so far. The tool is a simple and fast replacement for the original package_cloud push command. If you pass more than one package, pkgcloud-push will push them in parallel! Before using it, however, make sure that PACKAGECLOUD_TOKEN is set in your environment.


$ pkgcloud-push user/repo[/distro/version] /path/to/packages


# Debian
$ pkgcloud-push mlafeldt/myrepo/ubuntu/trusty example_1.2.3_amd64.deb

$ pkgcloud-push mlafeldt/myrepo/el/7 *.rpm

# RubyGem
$ pkgcloud-push mlafeldt/myrepo example-1.2.3.gem