Ruby Wrapper around LeanKitKanban API
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LeanKitKanban is a simple ruby wrapper around the LeanKitKanban API

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# configure your account information    = ""
LeanKitKanban::Config.password = "mypassword"
LeanKitKanban::Config.account  = "myaccount"

# get all boards and returns an array of hashes
@boards      = LeanKitKanban::Board.all

# get the board with specified id as a hash
@board       = LeanKitKanban::Board.find(board_id)

# get all the identifiers for a board, it contains all information needed for other api calls
@identifiers = LeanKitKanban::Board.get_identifiers(board_id)

# get the newest version of the board if it exists
# note: returns the entire board structure
@board_version = LeanKitKanban::Board.get_newer_if_exists(board_id, version_id)

# get the updates of the newest version of the board if it exists
# note: only returns the events that have been updated
@board_updates = LeanKitKanban::Board.get_board_updates(board_id, version_id)

# gets the last 5 events that occured since version_id
@last_events   = LeanKitKanban::Board.get_board_history_since(board_id, version_id)

# get a specific card from a board
@card = LeanKitKanban::Card.find(board_id, card_id)

# get a specific card from a board by external id
@card = LeanKitKanban::Card.find_by_external_id(board_id, external_id)

# get the history of a specific card from a board
@card_history = LeanKitKanban::Card.history(board_id, card_id)

# add a card, specified in JSON, to the board
@response = LeanKitKanban::Card.add(board_id, lane_id, position, body)

# add multiple cards, specified in JSON, to the board
@response = LeanKitKanban::Card.add_multiple(board_id, comment, cards)

# update a card specified in JSON
@response = LeanKitKanban::Card.update(board_id, body)

# delete a card from the board
@response = LeanKitKanban::Card.delete(board_id, card_id)

# delete multiple cards from the board
@response = LeanKitKanban::Card.delete_multiple(board_id, card_ids)

# move a card to another lane
@response = LeanKitKanban::Card.move(board_id, card_id, lane_id, position)

# get board backlog
@backlog = LeanKitKanban::Backlog.fetch(board_id)

# get board archive
@archive = LeanKitKanban::Archive.fetch(board_id)


Fork this repo and send me pull requests.

All specs are in the /spec directory, to run them:


Additional information

Copyright (c) 2011 Marc Lainez