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Thu Mar 5 19:51:02 PST 2009
Release Notes - Chef - Version 0.5.6
** Bug
* [CHEF-112] - FreeBSD service provider does not enable service in /etc/rc.conf if service_enable line is not already there
* [CHEF-115] - Remote file resource appears to have reserved words that if used, lead to a 404 error
* [CHEF-118] - FreeBSD package provider can not read the candidate version of the port "php5-mysql"
* [CHEF-119] - FreeBSD service provider uses incorrect name for enabling MySQL server in /etc/rc.conf
* [CHEF-126] - chef session_secret_key is hard-coded
* [CHEF-132] - cron resource should check integer values and convert to string
* [CHEF-138] - remote_directory doesn't work
* [CHEF-139] - log_level doesn't affect the actual log level
* [CHEF-141] - remote_file with URL source does not obey http 301 redirects
* [CHEF-149] - chef-client banner
** Improvement
* [CHEF-54] - chef-server should be a merb slice
* [CHEF-102] - display template error line numbers to aid debugging
* [CHEF-140] - Chef client should know how to use client certs
* [CHEF-146] - Should be able to run features from scratch, starting couch and other deps
* [CHEF-150] - Resource names are limited to one underscore
* [CHEF-152] - The mount resource should be able to add/remove entries in /etc/fstab
** New Feature
* [CHEF-80] - rpm package provider
* [CHEF-93] - mount / filesystem provider and resource type
* [CHEF-130] - Cucumber integration testing
Fri Feb 13 12:26:07 PST 2009
Release Notes - Chef - Version 0.5.4
** Bug
* [CHEF-48] - Invalid default recipe causes merb 500 error
* [CHEF-64] - chef-server pukes if you type an invalid url in the openid login
* [CHEF-72] - Templates used in definitions searched for only the cookbook they are used in
* [CHEF-76] - Search queries return empty results occationally
* [CHEF-77] - Indexer broken - theoretically creates index, but cannot read them
* [CHEF-82] - user provider doesn't handle 'shadow' not being installed correctly
* [CHEF-87] - File specificity (preferred file) is broken by dotfiles
* [CHEF-89] - remote_file doesn't support being passed a URL as a source, but the documentation argues otherwise - solo only
* [CHEF-90] - Search in recipes does not allow for attribute selection, even though the REST API does.
* [CHEF-92] - When loading the prior resource we should never load its action
* [CHEF-94] - Definitions should allow access to the node object within the parameter setting block
* [CHEF-95] - not_if's string behaviour is broken, closed stream
* [CHEF-96] - group resource doesn't if members is empty so it always tried to add them
* [CHEF-97] - not_if and only_if cause exceptions in popen4
* [CHEF-108] - @@seen_recipes is a class variable, this makes chef-client and chef-solo *not* run any recipes after the first run in daemon mode
* [CHEF-110] - interval / splay needs to be supported outside of daemonized mode for chef-client
* [CHEF-111] - user provider mistakenly attempts to modify the user even if no changes are required
* [CHEF-114] - when not given an interval on the command line, chef-client runs in a tight loop driving server load up
* [CHEF-117] - Can't setgid if you have already setuid-ed
* [CHEF-123] - User provider fails to correctly compare a numeric GID to a string GID
* [CHEF-124] - Chef-server should set reload_classes false
* [CHEF-125] - chef-server init.rb should set Merb log_stream to the location supplied by chef/server.rb
** Improvement
* [CHEF-71] - service resource :supports attribute too rubyish and unlike :action
* [CHEF-73] - When specifying a custom gem source for a gem_package, also include rubyforge in the list of sources so gem dependencies can be installed
* [CHEF-106] - refactor search, move attributes to search function : chef/chef-server/lib/chef/search.rb, chef/chef-server/lib/controllers/search.rb
* [CHEF-107] - more informative message for info log on package upgrade
* [CHEF-127] - cron resource should log to info for update/add instead of debug
** New Feature
* [CHEF-59] - Package resource need Redhat provider
* [CHEF-91] - Chef Client should reload the configuration on SIGHUP
Sat Jan 31 18:52:41 PST 2009
Release Notes - Chef - Version 0.5.2
** Bug
* [CHEF-28] - Rendering error when editing a node
* [CHEF-34] - Failing unit test on OS X
* [CHEF-36] - Default @action for http_request is :create instead of :get
* [CHEF-37] - Chef Solo does not obey the file selection laws
* [CHEF-38] - Unabled to delete nodes from the Node page
* [CHEF-41] - Chef Solo tells lies about being able to --noop
* [CHEF-43] - service provider lacks action_none
* [CHEF-44] - Chef will block forever reading IO, even on processes that don't play nicely with their filehandles
* [CHEF-52] - Chef traces miserably if ohai fails to provide it with a hostname
* [CHEF-57] - Permission denied when using bash resource and a non-root uid
* [CHEF-60] - Teach chef about the debian platform
* [CHEF-62] - portage provider should support both fully qualified package names and non prefixed package names
* [CHEF-70] - Clicking on certain recipes within Chef Server (chef-server Web UI results in error 500
* [CHEF-75] - Badly behaved children block all IO
** Improvement
* [CHEF-11] - Templates should be cached once
* [CHEF-29] - Group provider needs to be able to manage group members
* [CHEF-30] - Link should be more intuitive
* [CHEF-49] - Chef should be able to manipulate cron jobs
* [CHEF-55] - Service resource needs Gentoo providers
* [CHEF-56] - Service resource needs Redhat providers
** New Feature
* [CHEF-35] - http_request should allow a block for the message, which will get evaluated when the request is sent
* [CHEF-46] - route provider for adding and deleting routes
* [CHEF-53] - support for freebsd pkg_*
* [CHEF-58] - Support for rc.d services in freebsd
* [CHEF-61] - Added Cron provider support for gentoo in platform.rb
* [CHEF-66] - Create registrations via REST easily
Thu Jan 15 11:13:45 PST 2009
Release Notes - Chef - Version 0.5.1
** Bug
* [CHEF-3] - Require chef loads everything
* [CHEF-7] - Remote File tests failing after Solo updates
* [CHEF-10] - Remove Chef::FileStore in favor of Chef::FileCache
* [CHEF-12] - spec_helper causes bogus Constant redefinition
* [CHEF-16] - Search and SearchIndex are only used by the Chef Server, but they live in Chef Client
* [CHEF-18] - Search index does not understand nested hashes
* [CHEF-22] - templates aren't created / found in the cache and execution aborts
** Improvement
* [CHEF-6] - Chef should require Ohai, not Facter
* [CHEF-21] - Chef::Daemon needs unit tests
* [CHEF-27] - No longer use MD5 anywhere - no sleep till SHA-256
** New Feature
* [CHEF-1] - Group Support
* [CHEF-5] - Documentation for Service Providers/Resources
* [CHEF-8] - Add sugar for a Tag attribute on the nodes
* [CHEF-9] - Chef Client should Daemonize, schedule, and splay
* [CHEF-25] - http_request resource and provider
* [CHEF-26] - When you have a resource with the same name, it should inherit the pre-existing resources attributes