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Sonos smart speaker controller API and command-line tools
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Sonos smart speaker controller API and CLI

Linux: Build Status

This project implements (most of) the Sonos control API in a rust crate. It also provides a simple command-line tool which can be used in scripts.

You likely need a recent rust compiler.

Build with cargo build.

You unfortunately have to register a developer account on and create your own integration point. You also need to create your own redirection endpoint on the web. A minimalistic example script is provided in static/sonos.php.

Ideally, I'd like to find a way to make this part of it common, so that you dont have to register your own integration. However, I really dont know yet how to do this securely, input welcome.

With your integration information ready, just run ronor init and your client id, secret, and redirection url will be saved to ~/.config/ronor/.

With that, you can authorize ronor to access households registered with your Sonos user account by running ronor login.

See ronor help for a list of available commands.

Managing groups

Use the modify-group subcommand to manage grouping of logical players.

For example, imagine the following household of three players and no grouping.

$ ronor inventory
Bad = Bad
Wohnzimmer = Wohnzimmer
Schlafzimmer = Schlafzimmer

That means, each player is the sole member of a group with the same name.

Now lets make a group of Schlafzimmer (bedroom) and Bad (Bathroom).

$ ronor modify-group Schlafzimmer --add Bad
Schlafzimmer -> Schlafzimmer + 1
$ ronor inventory
Schlafzimmer + 1 = Schlafzimmer + Bad
Wohnzimmer = Wohnzimmer

To undo this group again, we simply do the following.

$ ronor modify-group 'Schlafzimmer + 1' --remove Bad
Schlafzimmer + 1 -> Schlafzimmer
$ ronor inventory
Bad = Bad
Wohnzimmer = Wohnzimmer
Schlafzimmer = Schlafzimmer

Text to speech

For the text-to-speech functionality (ronor speak) you need espeak and ffmpeg installed. Simply pipe text to STDIN and it should arrive at the desired player.

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