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require_once "include/bittorrent.php";
require_once "include/html_functions.php";
require_once "include/user_functions.php";
require_once "include/pager_functions.php";
require_once "include/torrenttable_functions.php";
stdhead($CURUSER["username"] . "'s torrents");
$where = "WHERE owner = " . $CURUSER["id"] . " AND banned != 'yes'";
$res = mysql_query("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM torrents $where");
$row = mysql_fetch_array($res,MYSQL_NUM);
$count = $row[0];
if (!$count) {
<h1>No torrents</h1>
<p>You haven't uploaded any torrents yet, so there's nothing in this page.</p>
else {
$pager = pager(20, $count, "mytorrents.php?");
$res = mysql_query("SELECT torrents.type, torrents.comments, torrents.leechers, torrents.seeders, IF(torrents.numratings < $minvotes, NULL, ROUND(torrents.ratingsum / torrents.numratings, 1)) AS rating,, AS cat_name, categories.image AS cat_pic,, save_as, numfiles, added, size, views, visible, hits, times_completed, category FROM torrents LEFT JOIN categories ON torrents.category = $where ORDER BY id DESC ".$pager['limit']);
torrenttable($res, "mytorrents");
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