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Foodtaster Example Project

This repository shows how to use Foodtaster to write specs for Chef cookbooks.

Layout of this repository resembles layout of any other Chef Repo, except for directories not required in this example, like data_bags, environments and roles. You can create them if you need.

Directory cookbooks contains community cookbooks which are installed using Berkshelf, site-cookbooks is for cookbooks you develop. spec is a directory where all automated test scripts (specs) are stored.

Running specs

Before running specs, you should install Vagrant with vagrant-foodtaster-server plugin. Follow official Vagrant installation instructions, and then invoke command:

vagrant plugin install vagrant-foodtaster-server

Clone this repository using git:

git clone

Next, invoke Bundler to install all required gems:

cd foodtaster-example
bundle install

Finally, invoke Berkshelf to install community cookbooks in cookbooks directory:

berks install --path cookbooks

Now you should be able to run specs with:

rspec spec

Examples Description

This repository contains two cookbooks, nginx_example and nfs_example. There are specs for both of them located in spec folder.


This cookbook installs nginx package on Ubuntu system without any configuration.

It's spec file spec/nginx_cookbook_spec.rb uses different Foodtaster matchers to check if nginx server was installed and working properly. Read comments in spec file for more details.


More complicated example which installs NFS server and creates NFS mounts on client.

It's spec spec/nfs_cookbook_spec.rb shows how to use several VMs to make cross-machine (integration) tests. In this spec one VM is an NFS server and second is a client. Spec make some operations in NFS volume on one VM and check if they are propagated to other. Read comments in spec file for more details.


Example of Chef Repo with Foodtaster-powered specs






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