Breadth-First, Parallel Static Crawler written in Python
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Breadth-First, Parallel Static Crawler written in Python


News 2013/07/17

Version 1.3.3 released

  • Minor changes for better exception handling and graceful failure

News 2013/07/17

Version 1.3.2 released

  • HTML5 video and audio tags are now supported

  • Relative URLs in the dictionary returned by pages_graph are now translated into absolute ones

News 2013/07/16

Version 1.3 released

  • Avoid duplicate pages to be parsed again

  • PageParser constructor has been changed (now requires a second parameter, a reference to the crawler handler)

  • check_page_by_content method added to CrawlerHandler: checks if a page has been visited by examining its content

  • pages_graph now returns a dictionary with page's urls as keys

News 2013/01/13

Version 1.2 released

  • Introduces the concept of depth in the crawling process, allowing to specify a predefined maximum depth for the web pages to crawl, in alternative or together with a limit for the number of pages retrieved. Consequently, the interface of start_crawling method has slightly changed (See documentation)

  • pages_graph method added to CrawlerHandler: it creates a summarizing graph-like object starting from any page


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