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Coq plugin for parametricity
OCaml Coq Makefile
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The plugin is still in an experimental state. It is not very user friendly (lack of good error messages) and still contains bugs. But is useable enough to "translate" a large chunck of standard library.


The plugin currently works on a branch of coq (hopefully, in the future, it will also work on a stable official release). The easy (and long) way to test the plugin is to follow the following steps:

  • Create a fresh directory and move into it:

    mkdir testplugin && cd testplugin 
  • Retrieve my branch of coq and compile it (and go take a coffee, or may be 5 coffees):

    git clone
    cd coq
    ./configure -local 
    make -j 4 
    cd ..
  • Retrieve the plugin and compile it:

    git clone
    cd paramcoq 

To test the plugin:

    cd test-suite
    make ide

It will compile Parametricity.vo which loads the plugin and contains a translation of the initial modules. Then, it launches coq-ide with some simple examples.

Available commands

The default arity is 2. The default name is automatically generated when translating a constant (otherwise you need to provide it).

  • Parametricity term [as name] [arity n].

Define a new constant named name obtained by computing the parametricity translation of term.

  • Parametricity Inductive inductive [as name] [arity n].

Declare a new inductive type named name from the translation of inductive.

  • Parametricity Module modulepath.

Recursively translate everything in a module.

  • Realizer constant or variable [as name] [arity n] := term.

Declare term to be the translation of a constant. Useful to translate terms containing section variables, or axioms.

Note that all that both translating a term or module may lead to proof obligations (for some fixpoints and opaque terms if you did not import ProofIrrelevence).

  • [Global | Local] Parametricity Tactict := t.

Use the tactic t to solve proof obligations generated by the Parametricity command.

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