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RFLink Platform

This is a plugin for RFLink integration in Homebridge.

Support for serially and mqtt connected RFLink devices.

MQTT RFLink Devices

Inital support for mqtt connected RFLINK devices based on At the present time only read only sensor devices are supported. Tested and validated devices include Temperature and Humidity Sensors.


To install globally:

sudo npm install -g


Example config.json:

"platforms": [
        "name":"RFLink test Platform",
        "bridges": [
            "serialport": "/dev/tty.usbmodemFD121",
            "devices": [
                "name": "ELRO",
                "protocol": "AB400D",
                "address": "4a",
                "channels": [
                    "channel": 1,
                    "type": "Lightbulb",
                    "name": "Desk"
                    "channel": 2,
                    "type": "Switch",
                    "name": "TV"
                    "channel": 3,
                    "type": "Switch",
                    "name": "Radio"
                    "channel": 4,
                    "type": "StatelessProgrammableSwitch",
                    "name": "Button"
                "name": "Remote",
                "protocol": "NewKaku",
                "address": "0202a000",
                "type": "StatelessProgrammableSwitch"
                "channels": [ 1, 2, 3, 4, "all"]
                "name": "Oregon sensor",
                "protocol": "Oregon TempHygro",
                "address": "CC1D",
                "channels": [
                    "channel": "TEMP",
                    "type": "TemperatureSensor",
                    "name": "Test temperature"
                    "channel": "HUM",
                    "type": "HumiditySensor",
                    "name": "Test humidity"
            "delay": 500,
            "repeat":  0


Supported types

Different types of devices are supported:

  • Lightbulb: The device is a lightbulb in HomeKit. The RF communication is bi-directional. HomeKit can be used to switch the light on or off. The (power) status of the bulb is updated in HomeKit after the remote is pressed.
  • Switch: The device is a power switch in HomeKit. The RF communication is bi-directional.
  • StatelessProgrammableSwitch: The device is a read-only 'pushbutton' type switch. Parses CMD=ON as Single Press event, and CMD=OFF as Double Press event.
  • TemperatureSensor: A read-only device that parses the current temperature
  • HumiditySensor: A read-only device that parses the current relative humidity

Deprecated types

  • StatefulProgrammableSwitch (Deprecated): The device is a read-only on-off type switch in HomeKit. The RF communication is receive only, so state can not be changed using HomeKit. This way, the RF remote could be used to trigger HomeKit scenes, using HomeKit automation.

Optional parameters

By adding dimrange to a channel, the brightness characteristic will be enabled for this device. The value of dimrange should correspond to 100% brightness level.

delay sets the delay used between commands to avoid flooding RFLink.

repeat sets the number of time a command is resent to RFLink. In some setups (e.g. NewKaku dimmers), this might yield undesired results.

mqttHost - name or ip address of your mqtt host. Required to enable mqtt device mode.

mqttTopic - Optional topic for mqtt messages from your rflink device, defaults to RFLink/msg



Homebridge plugin to interface with RFLink



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