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chore(website): fix links to form demos in blog
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mlaursen committed Jul 19, 2021
1 parent 9d01a44 commit b1626b5
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12 changes: 6 additions & 6 deletions packages/documentation/src/blogs/
Expand Up @@ -9,12 +9,12 @@ package and implementing a `useFileUpload` hook to handle uploading/previewing
files in the browser. However, there is a notable change in this release for the
form documentation since the demos have been split into the following pages:

- [Text Field Demos](https://react-md/dev/packages/form/text-field-demos)
- [Select Field Demos](https://react-md/dev/packages/form/select-field-demos)
- [Selection Control Demos](https://react-md/dev/packages/form/selection-control-demos)
- [File Input Demos](https://react-md/dev/packages/form/file-input-demos)
- [Slider Demos](https://react-md/dev/packages/form/slider-demos)
- [Validation Demos](https://react-md/dev/packages/form/validation-demos)
- [Text Field Demos](/packages/form/text-field-demos)
- [Select Field Demos](/packages/form/select-field-demos)
- [Selection Control Demos](/packages/form/selection-control-demos)
- [File Input Demos](/packages/form/file-input-demos)
- [Slider Demos](/packages/form/slider-demos)
- [Validation Demos](/packages/form/validation-demos)

##### Bug Fixes<!-- no-margin -->

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