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A collection of Fabric utilities largely for Django deployment.
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argyle Allow creating database from non-default template
.coveragerc Initial coverage report and tox setup.
.gitignore Initial coverage report and tox setup.
.travis.yml Including Travis CI configuration.
AUTHORS.txt Tweak to authors and adding Tobias.
LICENSE.txt I like the 2 clause BSD better. Unittest for apt related commands.
README.rst Link to doc from README
Vagrantfile Testing basic functionality with Vagrant. Example fabfile tweak. Started unittest suite.
tox.ini Initial coverage report and tox setup.



Argyle is a collection of Fabric utilities for Django deployment. This project is still in very early phases.

Build Status :target:


  • Fabric >= 1.1
  • Jinja2 >= 2.3

These tasks were written primarily for deployments on Ubuntu Linux. Your mileage may vary with other operating systems and flavors of Linux.


Additional documentation on using argyle is available on Read The Docs.

Questions or Issues?

If you have questions, issues or requests for improvements please let me know on Github.

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