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An extension to Django-Social-Auth which adds a backend for

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Django-Lastfm-Auth is an extension to Django-Social-Auth which adds a backend for

If you are looking for a stand alone authentication backend then please check out django-lastfmauth.

Development Status

The development of this backend has stopped and it is not expected to be maintained in the future. If you are interested in picking up the development of this project please let me know.


  • Django-Social-Auth >= 0.3.3
    • Django >= 1.2.5
    • Python-OAuth2 >= 1.5.167
    • Python-Openid >= 2.2

API Keys

In order to use this application you must sign up for API keys on These should be put into your settings file using the settings:

LASTFM_API_KEY = '' # Your api key
LASTFM_SECRET = '' # Your api secret

Extra data

Similar to the other OAuth backends you can define

LASTFM_EXTRA_DATA = [('realname', 'realname'), ]

as a list of tuples (response name, alias) to store on the UserSocialAuth model.


To install django-lastfm-auth via pip:

pip install django-lastfm-auth

Or you can from the latest version from Github manually:

git clone git://
cd django-lastfm-auth
python install

or via pip:

pip install -e git+

Once you have the app installed you must include in your settings:




Please refer to the Django-Social-Auth documentation for additional information.

Questions or Issues?

If you have questions, issues or requests for improvements please let me know on Github.

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