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Adorably secure messages
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Secret Cards

This is the source code for It's simple site for sending anonymous, encrypted messages in cat pictures. If you would like to add a feature, fix a bug, or simply see how it works then please continue reading.


This project is a fun way for me to play and experiment with various technologies. If you would like to play and experiment with me, that would be great. This project doesn't intent to solve any major world problem nor is it likely to make any amount of money for it's contributors.

In that vein before making any large changes, please add an issue to discuss it first. Changes which are likely to increase the maintainance burden of the site are likely to be rejected. Please see the information below about the test suite and code standards as well.

Project Setup

To begin work on the project you will need the following software installed

  • Python 3.5 including pip and virtualenv. virtualenvwrapper is recommended.
  • Postgres 9.0+
  • git 1.7+

First fork and clone your copy of the repository:

$ git clone<username>/secretcards.git
$ cd secretcards

To setup your local environment you should create a virtualenv and install the necessary requirements:

# Check that you have python3.5 installed
$ which python3.5
$ mkvirtualenv secretcards -p `which python3.5`
(secretcards)$ make dev

Configurable settings are managed with django-dotenv. It reads environment variables located in a file name .env in the top level directory of the project. The previous command make dev creates new .env file with a new SECRET_KEY value set.

Create the Postgres database and run the initial migrate:

(secretcards)$ createdb -E UTF-8 {{ project_name }}
(secretcards)$ python migrate

You should now be able to run the development server:

(secretcards)$ python runserver

Running the Tests

The Makefile for this project has a number of helpful commands for testing and checking code quality. Below is a brief description of the commands:

  • make test - Runs the full test suite and reports test coverage
  • make lint - Runs a set of subcommands to check code quality

As noted above, make lint runs a number of subcommands to check the code quality. These commands can also be run individually:

  • make lint-py - Runs the code through flake8 for static analysis
  • make lint-migrations - Runs Django's checks for model changes without migrations
  • make lint-django - Runs Django's system checks with the base settings
  • make lint-deploy - Runs Django's system checks for deployment

You should ensure that make test and make lint both pass cleanly before submitting a pull request with any changes you wish to include.


This source code is available under the BSD license included in the repo. In the distribution are the source files for jQuery, Underscore, Backbone, Materalize, kbpgp, Pacifico font, Roboto font, Socicon icons, and Material Design icons which are distributed under their respective licenses. The images included are licensed under the Creative Commons Share Alike license.

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