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Sick Muse - Collectd Front-end
Sick Muse is an open source web application graphing RRD data stored by
`collectd <>`_.
.. image::
Installation Dependencies
Requires Python 2.6 or 2.7 and the following Python libraries:
- tornado >= 2.4 (Available under Apache v2)
- python-rrdtool >= 1.4 (Available under LGPL v3)
These dependencies do not ship with the library but will be resolved during the install::
pip install sickmuse
Running the Server
Sick Muse runs on the `Tornado <>`_ webserver which is a
single-threaded non-blocking server. Once installed you run this server using the ``sickmuse``
This will start the server running on the default port ``8282``. You can change the port
using the ``--port`` option::
sickmuse --port=8080
.. figure::
:alt: Homepage screenshot
:width: 600
Homepage/Host Listing
.. figure::
:alt: Host detail screenshot
:width: 600
Host Details
You can find a complete set of documentation on `Read The Docs <>`_.
sickmuse is released under the BSD License. See the
`LICENSE <>`_ file for more details.
In addition to the previously listed Python dependencies, this library makes use of
the following projects which are included in the distribution:
- Twitter Bootstrap (Licensed under Apache v2)
- RequireJS (Licensed under BSD/MIT)
- jQuery (Licensed under MIT)
- Font Awesome (Licensed under CC BY 3.0)
- Flot (Licensed under MIT)
- Backbone (Licensed under MIT)
- Underscore (Licensed under MIT)
This project is still in its early stages and there may be bugs or rapid
changes to the internal APIs. If you think you've found a bug or are interested in
contributing to this project check out `sickmuse on Github <>`_.