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Build Status

Dev setup

  • make sure postgres is installed and working
  • npm install
  • npm run build
  • npm devSetup - sets up postgres
  • npm test
  • npm start
  • Probably use visual studio code to do stuff


  • complete sticky delete client impl
  • click away turn off sticky edit mode
  • add UI for network interruption / offline
  • Update client of changes from other clients (big)
  • Some homepage design (big)
  • Validate board creation
  • Group/ungroup stickies
  • Vote on sticky / sticky group
  • Add titles to groups/board
  • Minimap
  • Encryption

Emergent requirements:

  • Return 200 from PUT /api/stickies if the sticky was deleted by somebody else
  • Deduplicate contents of persistenceQueue so that only most recent data is sent when offline
  • A new sticky returning 422 probably should be just deleted from screen with an error-- user has no way to recover. Changes should probably be reverted in that case, too.

#Tech debt:

  • move loadBoard API call from boardView to api/
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