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Centos Spec Files

All tested and all working!!!

  • Git v1.8.4

  • Gearman v1.1.2 + mysql and memcache support

  • HaProxy v1.4.19

  • HaProxy v1.5_dev17

  • Memcached v1.4.5

  • MemcacheDB v1.2.1

  • MongoDB v2.2.2

  • Nginx v1.2.5 + nginx-gridfs support

  • node_modules

  • nodejs

  • npm

  • Redis v2.4.2

  • Ssdeep v2.10

  • Rubby v1.9.3-p448

  • Rubby v2.0.0-p247

  • Supervisor v3.0b1

  • Tar v1.26

  • dos2unix v7.3.4

  • librabbitmq v0.9.1

  • libmemcached v1.0.15

  • php-pear-Text_LanguageDetect v0.3.0

  • php-pecl-amqp v0.3.1

  • php-pecl-gearman v0.8.0

  • php-pecl-memcached v2.1.0

  • php-pecl-ssdeep v1.0.2


nginx-gridfs requires the Mongo-C-Driver which is a submodule to this repository. To check out the submodule (after cloning this repository), run::

$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update