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This is a small PHP library that can help you manage your own custom DDNS. I used to rely on to connect back to my home computer, but that service became paid a few years ago. Not wanting to rely on another "free" service for this, I created the CpanelDdns PHP library.

PS: This requires that you have cPanel :)


Usage is quite simple, but I'm not quite sure if it'll 100% work on every cPanel (explained later). All you need to do is


Then, create the CpanelDdns object

$cpanel = new CpanelDdns();

Then, just set the cPanel URL, username, and password. This is to login to your cPanel.


By the way, method chaining is available, so $cpanel->setUrl(...)->setUser(...)->setPass(...) can be done if you so desire.

Finally, just update the ddns

$cpanel->updateDdns("vnc", "");

You should specify your subdomain and the domain you want to use to connect back home (or wherever). Now you can use to connect to your VNC server! Or whatever you want.

Will this 100% work?

I am not sure if this will work on all cPanels because of one small thing. There's a parameter in the cPanel jsonapi that specifies line=xx. I'm not sure if this affects anything, but if this library doesn't work for you, try to change the line to something else. This can be found in the associative array with key line of the updateDdns() function. It is line 28 for me.

But I have been using this code for a long time, so it most likely should work for you too.