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A collection of portable workflows, automation recipes and components for MLOps in a unified CK format. Note that this repository is outdated - please check the 2nd generation of the CK workflow automation meta-framework with portable MLOps and DevOps components here:



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Note that this repository is outdated: we are now using the next generation of the MLCommons CK workflow automation meta-framework (Collective Mind aka CM) developed by the open working group. Feel free to join this community effort to learn how to modularize ML Systems and automate their benchmarking, optimization and deployment in the real world!

CK repository with automation workflows for MLPerf and MLOps

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CK compatibility

This repository is compatible with the MLCommons CK framework v2.5.8 (Apache 2.0 license):



This repository contains a collection of stable CK components (automation recipes and workflows) to automate benchmarking, optimization and deployment of ML Systems across diverse platforms, environments, frameworks, models and data sets:

  • CK automation recipes for MLOps: [inside CK framework] [in this repo]
  • CK portable program workflows: [list]
  • CK portable meta packages: [list]
  • CK environment detection (software, models, data sets): [list]
  • CK OS descriptions: [list]
  • CK adaptive containers: [list]

Current projects

Use cases

  • Real-world use cases from our partners: overview




Don't hesitate to report issues or submit feature requests here.

Public discussions

Contact Grigori Fursin to join our MLCommons Design Space Exploration Workgroup (subgroup of Best Practices)!