A readme with a couple of scripts, some binaries from OpenBSD and then you've got Unbound running on Halon SR. See more at http://www.halon.se/products/security-router/.
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Unbound and libldns for Halon SR

This is an install script and instructions for installing Unbound and libldns on Halon Security Router. The current supported releases are (with tested patch levels in a nested list):

  • 3.3
    • p1
    • p2
  • 3.2
  • 3.1

Halon Security Router

Halon Security's security router (SR) is a firewall/router software distribution based on OpenBSD. The great majority of the system is open source. Read more att Halon Securitys web site: www.halon.se


  • A supported version of SR (see above)
  • /data partition with at least 64MB free space (base55.tar.gz et al)
  • root access to your SR


Download https://github.com/mld/halon-unbound/blob/master/unbound-install.sh and copy it to your SR, ie

ftp -o /cfg/unbound-install.sh https://github.com/mld/halon-unbound/blob/master/unbound-install.sh
chmod +x /cfg/unbound-install.sh

Optionally, put your custom unbound.conf in /cfg/skel/unbound.conf

Put the following in /cfg/skel/rc.local:

/cfg/unbound-install.sh &

This automatically downloads and installs Perl from OpenBSD base package and Unbound with dependencies at reboot, and optionally uses your custom unbound.conf (placed in /cfg/skel/unbound.conf).