@nicolaskruchten nicolaskruchten released this Jun 2, 2016 · 1515 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • Data model change: row and column names are now stringified versions of row and column paths
  • The dot/period character (i.e. .) is now a path-element indirection operator, and so may no longer appear unquoted in identifiers
  • New function-type: embedding.neighbors
  • New builtin functions:
    • geo_distance(), levenshtein_distance(), jaccard_index()
    • rowPath(), rowPathElement(), path_element(), stringify_path(), parse_path()
    • isnan(), isinf(), isfinite(), replace_nan(), replace_inf(), replace_null(), replace_not_finite(), clamp()
    • count_distinct() (aggregator)
  • New demo Notebook: Enron Spam Filtering
  • Credentials management: credentials daemon now part of MLDB process, and routes have been moved from /v1/creds/rules to /v1/credentials
  • Renamed inputs for classifier.experiment:
    • trainingData->inputData, testingData->testingDataOverride
    • training_where->trainingWhere, testing_where->testingWhere
    • orderBy->trainingOrderBy/testingOrderBy
  • Performance, stability, documentation and packaging improvements