MLPaint - The Real-Time Handwritten Digit Recognizer
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MLPaint: the Real-Time Handwritten Digit Recognizer

MLPaint is an plugin that does real-time handwritten digit recognition. The plugin was trained on the MNIST dataset. The WebUI allows a user to draw digits and receive real-time predictions as to what digit it most likely is. On top of that, the plugin displays the explain matrix, showing the user why the model made the prediction it made. MLPaint is a great example of white-box machine learning.

Some links:

Try MLPaint for free! Just create a free account to launch an instance and run the Recognizing Handwritten Digits demo from within your MLDB instance.

Installing MLPaint

One way is to the Recognizing Handwritten Digits demo notebook from a running instance of MLDB.

Alternatively, from a notebook running on MLDB, run the following:

from pymldb import Connection
mldb = Connection()

mldb.put("/v1/plugins/mlpaint", {
    "type": "python",
    "params": {
        "address": "git://"

You can then browse to https://<host:port>/v1/plugins/mlpaint/routes/static/index.html to access the UI.