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firebugx.js won't detect Firebug 1.9 - with patch #259

rohanc opened this Issue · 2 comments

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The Firebug detection code in firebugx.js is not effective if you upgrade to Firebug 1.9 (currently in beta). You end up with console logging disabled, even though the Firebug console is available.

I use Slickgrid 2.0 alpha, but I notice the same problem code in the master branch.

Solution: On my system, I changed the test in firebugx.js from this:

if (!("console" in window) || !("firebug" in console))

to this:

if (typeof console === "undefined" || typeof console.log === "undefined") {

I made some comments about this in the Firebug bug database, which documents their decision to make it impossible to detect Firebug:



I'll note that quite a lot of people are complaining about this on the Firebug bug tracker.

@mleibman mleibman referenced this issue from a commit
@mleibman Fixed issue #259 - updated console stub to work with Firebug 1.9 and …
…deleted unused Firebug Lite script.

Fixed in b9592ca.

@mleibman mleibman closed this
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