Fast updates to the grid cause it to miss user mouse clicks #293

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The use-case is the following: the grid displays data that is being updated several times a second with data pushed by a server, not as a result of user interaction.

Most rows are invalidated on every update (though only portions of them have changed), hence most DOM elements are short-lived too. If the user clicks the mouse down before the update and then releases it up after the update, the DOM element under the mouse has changed and this is not registered as a mouse click, so no event is received, the active cell is not changed, etc. When the data is updated really often, the result is that most user clicks are missed and the grid seems unresponsive (despite the fact that display refreshes without problems and other parts of the webpage are responsive). Same problem applies to double-clicks (e.g. to trigger editing).

SlickGrid should probably listen for individual mouseDown/mouseUp events and match them together to generate click/doubleclick events.


mleibman commented Feb 23, 2012

(This is a dupe of an existing issue, need to find and link...)

Need to experiment with this. Sounds hacky, but may be doable.

This still seems to be a problem, I am currently struggling with the same problem. Are there already workarounds for this problem? If there would be mouseDown/mouseUp events I could build it myself: Store timestamp, and position on mousedown, compare them on mouseup with some tolerance and handle use this as click event.

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