Clicking on any row,can we get another table of records of that particular record in another table #434

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Hi Team,

I have a high level status table which consists of 100 rows, up to this is fine..
My question is if i click on any row,i want to display another table with some rows which is related to that selected row(i.e.,i want to display entire description of that particular selected row with some details)

Is this possible Please let me know....

Thanks in advance,
Ravi Teja Juvvadi

Hey am able to catch the click event using
grid.onActiveCellChanged.subscribe(function (e) {
But am unable to get the row number... in the html page whereas am able to get the row number(using alert(activeRow) in slick.grid.js...
But i need it in my html page...
Please let me know


mleibman commented Aug 30, 2012

grid.onClick.subscribe(function(e, args) {
// args.row - row of the clicked cell
// args.cell - column of the clicked cell

mleibman closed this Aug 30, 2012

Thank you so much mleibman :)


args.row is for row number and args.cell is for cell number that's fine....
Similarly is there any event for the particular row data(here i need first cell of that particular row value if the user clicks anywhere in the row,i need column[o] value for that row )

Thanks its resolved by using

grid.onClick.subscribe(function(e, args) {
var row = args.row;
var first_cell_val = grid.getDataItem(row)[grid.getColumns()[0].field];

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