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Added a Slick.Plugin.HeaderMenu plugin to add drop-down menus to colu…

…mn headers along with an example to demonstrate usage.
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@mleibman authored
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example-checkbox-row-select.html Missing slick.editors.js ref in one of the examples.
example-colspan.html More cleanup.
example-composite-editor-item-details.html Formatter & Editor cleanup.
example-custom-column-value-extractor.html More cleanup.
example-explicit-initialization.html Implemented explicit grid initialization option (issue #210).
example-grouping.html Removed search filter from grouping example to simplify it a bit (plu…
example-header-row.html Fixed "fixed header" example for FF.
example-multi-column-sort.html Added multi-column sorting.
example-optimizing-dataview.html Update examples/example-optimizing-dataview.html
example-plugin-headerbuttons.html Extended the grid API with "onHeaderRendered" and "onBeforeHeaderDest…
example-plugin-headermenu.html Added a Slick.Plugin.HeaderMenu plugin to add drop-down menus to colu…
example-spreadsheet.html Missing the slick.editors.js file in the spreadsheet example.
example1-simple.html Updated the basic example to initialize the grid in a visible container.
example10-async-post-render.html Formatter & Editor cleanup.
example11-autoheight.html More cleanup.
example12-fillbrowser.html More cleanup.
example13-getItem-sorting.html More cleanup.
example14-highlighting.html Formatter & Editor cleanup.
example2-formatters.html Formatter & Editor cleanup.
example3-editing.html Formatter & Editor cleanup.
example3a-compound-editors.html Formatter & Editor cleanup.
example3b-editing-with-undo.html Formatter & Editor cleanup.
example4-model.html Fix #299 - pager calculations.
example5-collapsing.html Made DataView filter inlining optional (default is false).
example6-ajax-loading.html More cleanup.
example7-events.html Formatter & Editor cleanup.
example8-alternative-display.html More cleanup.
example9-row-reordering.html Fix #300 - corrupt row reordering in the example.
examples.css Formatter & Editor cleanup.
slick-default-theme.css Remove the "row" attribute from the row nodes and search the rowsCach…
slick.compositeeditor.js More cleanup.
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