Rules of conduct

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I didn't want to write this page and was hoping that people would just understand this inherently, but, unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case.

Use the appropriate discussion forum.

GitHub Issues are for bug reports and bug reports only.

This is NOT the venue to:

  1. Ask questions about whether a particular feature is supported.
  2. Make feature requests.
  3. Ask for help in using SlickGrid.

Please post these feature requests, questions and help requests in the SlickGrid group ( or post questions or help requests on StackOverflow ( - don't forget to tag your questions). As always, please search both the group and StackOverflow to see if you question has already been asked and answered.

Be specific when filing bugs.

When reporting bugs, please be specific:

  1. Include the version of SlickGrid you're using. Keep in mind there are many forks of SlickGrid on GitHub. If you're using one of them, please file the bug directly with the fork owner.
  2. Include the repro steps and the code, expected behavior & actual behavior.
  3. If possible, reduce the problem to a simple repro test case and post it on
  4. Use proper English. If people can't understand what you're saying, you aren't likely to get your questions answered.