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@@ -11,6 +11,11 @@ quickly and painlessly. Redmine-lite assumes you want to use:
- Ruby 1.8.6
- the thin web server
+This is targeted mainly at enterprise users who
+ - do not have root server access
+ - cannot host issue-tracking systems externally or in the cloud
+ - cannot easily set up email hosting infrastructure in their organization
If you have git, bundler, sqlite and rvm installed, you should have
everything you need to run this and will not need root access.
@@ -23,6 +28,8 @@ Assumes you have git, bundler, and rvm installed.
Assumes you're running this in a unix-like environment.
+Assumes you have a gmail account created and ready for use as an SMTP server.
=== Clone the repo
$ git clone
@@ -31,16 +38,11 @@ $ cd redmine-lite
=== Install ruby and depdendencies through rvm and bundler
$ rvm install ruby-1.8.6
-$ rvm package install openssl
$ bundle install
-=== Set up the sqlite database
+=== Set up the sqlite database and gmail configuration
$ RAILS_ENV=production rake redmine:setup_database
-=== Set up email through gmail
-Edit the bottom of config/email.yml with your desired gmail username/password.
+(answer all prompts that come up)
=== Go!
$ thin start -e production -d

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