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-- Todo --
- think about a concrete game idea... :)
- n-body fighting game
- shooter
- jump'n'run
- how to handle game state?
- Simple sprite engine
- correct scaling
- translation
- (collision detection?) -> chipmunk?
- event handling
- animation
- Make it public?
- reddit?
- hackage
- haskell-cafe?
-- Bugs --
- Since the walls are too thin, balls with large velocity pass through. Make the
walls bigger.
-- Nice to have --
- FPS module
- definable maximum range
-- Done --
X functional window.hs
X compile
X show a main window
X change viewport
X change window geometry
X Size in WindowConfig
X separate main for testing
X primitive, fps-based gameloop
X Input handling
X Keyhandler
X Mousehandler
X Click
X Drag
X Mousewheel
X texture mapping in general
X understand graphics-drawingcombinators code
X load graphics
X draw graphics
X functions
X test program
X Fonts
X understand graphics-drawingcombinators
X implement own font handling
X simple book graphic rotation.
X .cabal - file for dependency managament
X Physics
X understand chipmunk design
X write a ball example
X FPS Graph
X clean code
X FPS graph to Statistics.hs
X Refactor wall generation
X Refactor ball generation
X general cleaning (comments, types, ...)
X move balls around using drag'n'drop
X find the correct object
X move it around as long as the user has it clicked.
X Remove warnings
X Run HLint
X simple help on-screen
X commit & push
-- Bugs fixed --
X Number of objects not shown anymore:
Brackets wrong after a misread hlint comment.
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