Network Security Services for Rust
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In some cases there could be a SECFailure when using nss_cmd but no
actual PR_Error, in that case calling std::str::raw::from_c_str on
PR_ErrorToName(PR_GetError()) could result in a null ptr trying to be
dereferenced. So Split up the command and check for ptr::null().

As a bonus it's probably slightly easier to read.
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Network Security Services bindings for Rust

A set of bindings to the Mozilla NSS library. Depends on rust-nspr.

Getting Started

Clone the repo. Start a simple ssl server on another terminal using openssl:

openssl s_server -pass pass:nope -cert nss/tests/files/testcert.pem \
-accept 1234 -key nss/tests/files/privkey.pem

Run make test


rust-nss is licensed under the permissive MIT License.

See LICENSE for details.