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Important Note

There’s an issue in Merb 0.9.3 with page caching. A patch has been submitted that rectifies it, but won’t be out till the next release of Merb. In the meantime, we now have a workaround within the Feather core code that should rectify the situation.

We have also updated Feather code to use DataMapper 0.9 – however there may be some initial teething troubles as we ensure complete compatibility across the core code, and all plugins. We are seeing issues where people have out of date or old versions of some gems kicking around – a rough idea of how to get all the dependencies (Merb 0.9.3 and DataMapper 0.9) is included within the Getting Started guide.


Feather is a Merb based blogging engine, with a focus on simplicity, and plugins. With a lightweight core, and a plethora of plugins available, you can choose just the pieces you need to make your blog work for you, and ignore the bits you don’t need.


To get started, you can check out this guide that covers the initial steps to get a Feather instance up and running. In the future we’ll be aiming to make installation even simpler, but for now that guide should get you up and running!


There are a couple of ways to contribute. You can fork the repositories here on GitHub, and then send a pull request to the owner of the repository – or you can write a patch and e-mail it in to any member of the Feather core team. Once you’ve submitted two successful patches to either repository, you’ll be given commit access to that repository – so get cracking with some code, and you too can join the core team! The feather and feather-plugins projects are for now being treated as separate, in as much as you’ll need two patches to each repository to get commit rights to the code within each project.

Further Information

We will be building out a proper Feather site soon, providing more information, tutorials, a bigger guide on contributing, and also hosting an offical plugin directory that’ll allow for easier installation of plugins direct to your Feather instance. For now however, please don’t hesitate to contribute, and in the meantime, keep an eye out on the blogs of the core team members for more detailed Feather info.

Core team

El Draper

Michael Leung

IRC Channel

If you have any questions or concerns about feather, El and I usually hang out in #feather on freenode.

merb_paginate Installation

git clone git://github.com/myobie/merb_paginate.git

cd merb_paginate

sudo rake install

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