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Use "include" Leaflet API for addind methods to L.Map #14

wants to merge 2 commits into from

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Just to stay closer from Leaflet own usages.



when you do it that way then you can't do

var map ='map').addHash();

because it's not in the prototype chain yet, you can only do

var map ='map');

ignore the previous comment, for both ways you have to set view before you can add the hash


We just need to add return this; to make it work.
I'll add it ;)


no this turns out to be a different issue, you get an error if you do

var map ='map').addHash();

instead of

var map ='map').setView([42.2, -71], 8).addHash();//or wherever

yeah my issue was actually part of #13

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  1. +14 −7 leaflet-hash.js
21 leaflet-hash.js
@@ -143,13 +143,20 @@
this.isListening = false;
L.hash = function(map){
- return new L.Hash(map);
+ return new L.Hash(map);
- L.Map.prototype.addHash = function(){
- this._hash = L.hash(this);
- };
- L.Map.prototype.removeHash = function(){
- this._hash.remove();
- }
+ L.Map.include({
+ addHash: function(){
+ this._hash = L.hash(this);
+ return this;
+ },
+ removeHash: function(){
+ this._hash.remove();
+ return this;
+ }
+ });
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