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A Tiled map ( importer for Crafty.js (
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This is a Crafty component for loading levels created with the Tiled map editor.


This component depends on jQuery to fetch the file.


To load the level, create a component and pass in the url of the map to load:

map = Crafty.e("TiledLevel").tiledLevel(url)

The level load is asynchronous, so you might want to attach a callback on completion:

map.bind("TiledLevelLoaded", callback )

The callback is handed the TiledLevel component as an argument.

If you want to retrieve a reference to a particular map tile later:

map.getTile(row, column, layer)

If the layer is omitted then layer 0 is assumed.

Tips for using Tiled

Export maps from Tiled in the .json format.

To assign components to an entity within the Tiled editor, create a "Tiled Property" called components. The value will be a list of the components you want the entity to have on creation. (It's probably easiest to simply assign a single unique component, and include any others through the .requires() funciton in init.)

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