Proxima virtual reality demo for 2017 NASA SpaceApps Challenge
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Proxima Virtual Reality Demo

This project is a demo of the visualization aspect of the Proxima system. This solution is a submission for the 2017 NASA SpaceApps challenge. You can find more information on our team's project page.

Project Overview and Purpose

Proxima simplifies energy decision making. It delivers clean, easy-to-read metrics and leverages powerful predictive algorithms to help you make immediate and future energy consumption decisions.

How to use this demo

  1. Clone this repository or fork a copy.
  2. npm install or yarn install to download the necessary dependencies.
  3. npm start or yarn start to run a local copy. A browser will automatically open and take you to http://localhost:3000/.
  4. Navigate within the browser's VR environment or click the goggles icon and explore using your favorite VR headset.

Additional information

This project uses the A-Frame virtual reality framework. The 360° Image Gallery Boilerplate project was used as a starting point.