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This is a quick proof of concept to see any performance optimisations made in cold start for lambdas assigned to a VPC. It is based on updates announced in the following blog post


The demo uses the Serverless Framework and can be run using the following command:

sls deploy


The simplest way to test is by using Artillery

This can be installed using the following command:

npm install -g artillery

Once installed and the demo deployed, you can test using the following command:

artillery quick --count 1 -n 1 {URL}

The count creates the specified number of "virtual users", each of which send the -n number of HTTP GET requests to the URL.

Test Lambda VPC Improvements

To test the improvements that have been made, change to the region to one that has the improvements rolled out e.g. eu-central-1.

It is often better to schedule more virtual users, to see the impact it has. Hopefully you will see some significant performance improvements, and far fewer ENI connections created.

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