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org-readme tries to integrate a single lisp file library with a file
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Org Readme

Matthew L. Fidler

Library Information

org-readme.el --- Integrates and Commentary/Change-logs.

  • __Filename __ --
  • __Description __ -- Integrate and Commentary/Change Logs.
  • __Author __ -- Matthew L. Fidler
  • __Maintainer __ -- Matthew L. Fidler
  • __Created __ -- Fri Aug 3 22:33:41 2012 (-0500)
  • __Version __ -- 0.16
  • __Package-Requires __ -- ((http-post-simple "1.0") (yaoddmuse "0.1.1")(header2 "21.0") (lib-requires "21.0"))
  • __Last-Updated __ -- Sat Aug 11 16:31:30 2012 (-0500)
  • __By __ -- Matthew L. Fidler
  • __Update # __ -- 638
  • __URL __ -- https:__github.com_mlf176f2_org-readme
  • __Keywords __ -- Header2,, Emacswiki, Git
  • __Compatibility __ -- Tested with Emacs 24.1 on Windows.

Possible Dependencies


Using org-readme

Org readme is used to:

  • Create/Update a "History" section in the based on the changelog section of the Emacs Log.
  • Create/Update a "Library Information" Section Based on the Emacs lisp header.
  • Create/Update a "Possible Dependencies" Section Based on the Emacs lisp header.

All other sections of the are then put into the "Commentary" section of the

In addition this library defines org-readme-sync, a convenience function that:

  • Asks for a commentary about the library change.
  • Syncs the with the lisp file as described above.
  • Updates emacswiki with the library description and the library itself (requires yaoddmuse).
  • Updates Marmalade-repo if the library version is different than the version in the server (requires http-post-simple).
  • Updates the git repository with the differences that you posted.
  • If you are using github, this library creates a melpa recipie.
  • If you are using github, this library creates a el-get recipie.

When org-readme-sync is called in a file that is not a single lisp file, the function exports the readme in EmacsWiki format and posts it to the EmacsWiki.

EmacsWiki Page Names

Why each required library is needed

There are a few required libraries. This is a list of the require libraries and why they are needed.

LibraryWhy it is needed
yaoddmusePublishing to emacswiki
http-post-simplePublishing to
header2To Create the required header


  • __11-Aug-2012 __ -- Bug fix for el-get recipe. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __11-Aug-2012 __ -- Added the ability to create a markdown Readme ( as well as adding a el-get recipe. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __11-Aug-2012 __ -- Bug fix for emacswiki post and melpa bug fix (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __11-Aug-2012 __ -- Bug fix for adding melpa recipes. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __11-Aug-2012 __ -- Bug fix for creating melpa recipe. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __11-Aug-2012 __ -- Added ability to add melpa recipe (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __11-Aug-2012 __ -- Bug fix for pushing tags to a git repository (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __11-Aug-2012 __ -- Another fix for git tags. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __11-Aug-2012 __ -- Found a bug, let see if tagging works now. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __11-Aug-2012 __ -- Added Git tagging of new versions. Lets see if it works. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __11-Aug-2012 __ -- Git push worked. Bumping minor version. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __11-Aug-2012 __ -- Attempted to push repository again. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __11-Aug-2012 __ -- Attempt to push with git. Something changed. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __11-Aug-2012 __ -- Added better Package-Requires tag. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __11-Aug-2012 __ -- Made request for minor revision earlier, and fixed bug. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __11-Aug-2012 __ -- Fixed code typo (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __11-Aug-2012 __ -- Bug fix for deleting a section of a file. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __11-Aug-2012 __ -- Testing bug. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __11-Aug-2012 __ -- Minor bug fix. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __11-Aug-2012 __ -- Bug fix for comment sync, now file is translated to lisp file. Additionally, asks for version bump. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __11-Aug-2012 __ -- Bug fix for syncing readme. Now the returns should not be as prevalent. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __11-Aug-2012 __ -- Attempting to post to marmlade again... (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __11-Aug-2012 __ -- Attempting to fix org-readme-marmalade-post. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __11-Aug-2012 __ -- Bug fix to upload to emacswiki and upload to marmalade-repo (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __11-Aug-2012 __ -- Added marmalade-repo support. Now org-readme should upload to marmalade-repo when the version is different from the latest version. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __08-Aug-2012 __ -- Fixed preformatting tags in emacswiki post. Previously they may have been replaced with
    <_pre> instead of 
    <_pre>. This makes the emacswiki page display correctly. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __07-Aug-2012 __ -- To use, put (require 'ess-smart-underscore) in your ~/.emacs file 7-Aug-2012 Matthew L. Fidler Last-Updated: Sat Aug 11 16:31:44 2012 (-0500)
  • __06-Aug-2012 __ -- Added support for uploading files to emacswiki without having to have a single associated lisp file. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __06-Aug-2012 __ -- Bug fix for syncing from the single lisp file. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __06-Aug-2012 __ -- Added the ability to call org-readme-sync from (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __05-Aug-2012 __ -- Added git pushing to org-readme (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __05-Aug-2012 __ -- Added git support as well as a comment mode. The only thing that should need to be called is org-readme-sync (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __04-Aug-2012 __ -- Added syncing with emacswiki. (Matthew L. Fidler)
  • __04-Aug-2012 __ -- Initial Release (Matthew L. Fidler)| lib-requires | To generate the possible library dependencies |
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