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@aarondav aarondav released this 18 Jul 18:38
· 4959 commits to master since this release

Breaking changes:

  • [MLflow Server] Renamed --artifact-root parameter to --default-artifact-root in mlflow server to better reflect its purpose (#165, @aarondav)


  • Spark MLlib integration: we now support logging SparkML Models directly in the log_model API, model format, and serving APIs (#72, @tomasatdatabricks)
  • Google Cloud Storage is now supported as an artifact storage root (#152, @bnekolny)
  • Support asychronous/parallel execution of MLflow runs (#82, @smurching)
  • [SageMaker] Support for deleting, updating applications deployed via SageMaker (#145, @dbczumar)
  • [SageMaker] Pushing the MLflow SageMaker container now includes the MLflow version that it was published with (#124, @sueann)
  • [SageMaker] Simplify parameters to SageMaker deploy by providing sane defaults (#126, @sueann)
  • [UI] One-element metrics are now displayed as a bar char (#118, @cryptexis)

Bug fixes: