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@smurching smurching released this 03 Aug 23:22
· 6135 commits to master since this release

Breaking changes: None


  • [Projects] MLflow will use the conda installation directory given by the $MLFLOW_CONDA_HOME
    if specified (e.g. running conda commands by invoking "$MLFLOW_CONDA_HOME/bin/conda"), defaulting
    to running "conda" otherwise. (#231, @smurching)
  • [UI] Show GitHub links in the UI for projects run from http(s):// GitHub URLs (#235, @smurching)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix GCSArtifactRepository issue when calling list_artifacts on a path containing nested directories (#233, @jakeret)
  • Fix Spark model support when saving/loading models to/from distributed filesystems (#180, @tomasatdatabricks)
  • Add missing mlflow.version import to sagemaker module (#229, @dbczumar)
  • Validate metric, parameter and run IDs in file store and Python client (#224, @mateiz)
  • Validate that the tracking URI is a remote URI for Databricks project runs (#234, @smurching)
  • Fix bug where we'd fetch git projects at SSH URIs into a local directory with the same name as
    the URI, instead of into a temporary directory (#236, @smurching)