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@aarondav aarondav released this 23 Aug 18:45
· 2 commits to branch-0.5 since this release

MLflow 0.5.1 is a patch release on top of 0.5.0 containing only bug fixes and no breaking changes or features.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix with mlflow.start_run() as run to actually set run to the created Run (previously, it was None) (#322, @tomasatdatabricks)
  • Fixes to DBFS artifactory to throw an exception if logging an artifact fails (#309) and to mimic FileStore's behavior of logging subdirectories (#347, @andrewmchen)
  • Fix for Python 3.7 support with tarfiles (#329, @tomasatdatabricks)
  • Fix spark.load_model not to delete the DFS tempdir (#335, @aarondav)
  • MLflow UI now appropriately shows entrypoint if it's not main (#345, @aarondav)
  • Make Python API forward-compatible with newer server versions of protos (#348, @aarondav)
  • Improved API docs (#305, #284, @smurching)