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MLflow 1.2.0

@smurching smurching released this
· 1462 commits to master since this release
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MLflow 1.2 includes the following major features and improvements:

  • Experiments now have editable tags and descriptions (#1630, #1632, #1678, @ankitmathur-db)
  • Search latency has been significantly reduced in the SQLAlchemyStore (#1660, @t-henri)

More features and improvements

  • Backend stores now support run tag values up to 5000 characters in length. Some store implementations may support longer tag values (#1687, @ankitmathur-db)
  • Gunicorn options can now be configured for the mlflow models serve CLI with the GUNICORN_CMD_ARGS environment variable (#1557, @LarsDu)
  • Jsonnet artifacts can now be previewed in the UI (#1683, @ankitmathur-db)
  • Adds an optional python_version argument to mlflow_install for specifying the Python version (e.g. "3.5") to use within the conda environment created for installing the MLflow CLI. If python_version is unspecified, mlflow_install defaults to using Python 3.6. (#1722, @smurching)

Bug fixes and documentation updates

  • [Tracking] The Autologging feature is now more resilient to tracking errors (#1690, @apurva-koti)
  • [Tracking] The runs field in in the GetExperiment.Response proto has been deprecated & will be removed in MLflow 2.0. Please use the Search Runs API for fetching runs instead (#1647, @dbczumar)
  • [Projects] Fixed a bug that prevented docker-based MLflow Projects from logging artifacts to the LocalArtifactRepository (#1450, @nlaille)
  • [Projects] Running MLflow projects with the --no-conda flag in R no longer requires Anaconda to be installed (#1650, @spadarian)
  • [Models/Scoring] Fixed a bug that prevented Spark UDFs from being loaded on Databricks (#1658, @smurching)
  • [UI] AJAX requests made by the MLFlow Server Frontend now specify correct MIME-Types (#1679, @ynotzort)
  • [UI] Previews now render correctly for artifacts with uppercase file extensions (e.g., .JSON, .YAML) (#1664, @ankitmathur-db)
  • [UI] Fixed a bug that caused search API errors to surface a Niagara Falls page (#1681, @dbczumar)
  • [Installation] MLflow dependencies are now selected properly based on the target installation platform (#1643, @akshaya-a)
  • [UI] Fixed a bug where the "load more" button in the experiment view did not appear on browsers in Windows (#1718, @Zangr)

Small bug fixes and doc updates (#1663, #1719, @dbczumar; #1693, @max-allen-db; #1695, #1659, @smurching; #1675, @jdlesage; #1699, @ankitmathur-db; #1696, @aarondav; #1710, #1700, #1656, @apurva-koti)