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cosmincatalin and dbczumar Add Gluon autolog capabilities for simple fitting. (#1973)
* Add Gluon autolog capabilities for simple fitting.

MXNet's Gluon API features a simple and direct fir method on an estimator. This is similar to Keras.
This is the autologer for it.

* Remove Python type hints to support legacy Python 2.
Add MXnet as a dependency to small requirements instead of large.
Make the computing context an argument to load model.

* Fix a lint error with a line being too long

* Add validation metric test

* Require MXNet bot for large and small requirements (not sure this is correct)

* Add a missing documentation reference.

* Log estimator parameters at the begining of training as opposed to at the end.

* Log the network at the end, after training, as it should

* A lint error. By now, the commit are sure to be squashed.

* Add Gluon pyfunc functionality

* Tests added, and conda env

* Run the Gluon tests just like the other DL frameworks.

* Fix conda envs

* Small fix

* Enable the ESLint comma-dangle rule (#2069)

* Enable comma-dangle

* Apply lint:fix

* Fix artifact image viewer to support animated GIF (#2070)

* Update ShowArtifactImageView to handle gif

* Remove imageContainer

* Refactor and add comments

* Add alt text

* Add test

* Show current tag value on edit (#2105)

* Add and fix tests

* Lint
Latest commit 0ce1048 Nov 20, 2019
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Failed to load latest commit information. Add Gluon autolog capabilities for simple fitting. (#1973) Nov 20, 2019
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