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Materials for problem set 3: clinical concepts
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Problem set 3

This problem set is due Tues March 12 at 11:59pm EST through Stellar. This Github repo contains the write-up, starter notebook, and the code used to extract the data. The data is available on Physionet, specifically adult_dc_concepts.csv and adult_dc_summaries.csv . Please let us know ASAP if you have any issues accessing the data.

In the body of this exercise, blue text describes what specifically you should be submitting. If you have any questions about what the wording of the questions mean, ask us on Piazza!

For your final assessment, you should a standalone report of your analyses with relevant plots, interpretation of findings, and recommendations named ${mit_user}.pdf (e.g. iychen.pdf) and any code used for the write-up. Please note any and all collaborators. You may not share code or write-ups with anyone.

In your write-up, please make your answers as easy to identify as possible (e.g. highlight with colors, label questions with numbers, etc). The faster we can identify your answers, the faster we can grade 70 submissions! :)

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