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Concept Constraint Definition Library

A repository of CCDs created via the CCD-Gen

See the versioned branches for the CCDs based on each Reference Model.

CCDs are the concept model definition for validating healthcare information in XML based on the MLHIM reference model. You can learn more about Multi-Level Modelling Healthcare Information on our website.

The repository is covered under the included license. However, individual CCDs are covered by the license stated in their metadata section.

Use the repository search box at the top of this page to locate a CCD by key words. When searching for keywords that a CCD may apply to, use this format:

keyword(s) filename:ccd-*.xsd

For example to find out which CCDs have a US Address PcT:

"US address"  filename:ccd-*.xsd  

To see the Title of all of the CCDs search for:

"dc:title"  filename:ccd-*.xsd

Current CCDs have brower friendly views available at the CCD Library link from the CCD-Gen.

When you download (or clone the repository) the files you can view the HTML form as well as the CCD schema in a browser.

To download the entire repository see the Download ZIP button on this page.

Be sure to download the specifications (at least the reference model schema) for the version(s) of CCDs that you want to use.

If you aren't familiar with XML catalogs, there is an example in this repository as well as the specifications repository. If you have further questions about this repository of MLHIM in general then please join the MLHIM Google Plus Community and inquire there.

Building a Semantic Network

See the semantics_demo repository.