Colorize black and white photos.
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Simple Colorization

This pre-built model from Yang Liu provides a very simple example of a photo colorization using deep learning. A collection of black and white photos is provided and the demo command will colorize and display these. You can then colorize your own local photo file, a photo at a URL, or a folder of photos using the score command.

See the github repository for examples of its usage:


  • To install and run the pre-built model:

    $ pip install mlhub
    $ ml install colorize
    $ ml configure colorize
    $ ml demo colorize



  • To colorize:

    • An image from a local file:

      $ ml score colorize ~/.mlhub/colorize/images/image_07_bw.png

      Then the colorized image will be saved into a file like image_07_bw_color.png.

    • Images in a folder:

      $ ml score colorize ~/.mlhub/colorize/images
    • An image from the web:

      $ ml score colorize
    • Interatively without repeatedly reloading the model:

      $ ml score colorize