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Object Recognition

This MLHub package, based on a deep learning kubernetes tutorial by Yan Zhang, Mathew Salvaris, and Fidan Boylu Uz of Microsoft, demonstrates the pre-built ResNet152 model using TensorFlow and available from tfhub to identify the main object of a photo. Sample images are provided within the package and the demonstration applies the pre-built model to each image. This pre-built model has been trained to recognise 1000 different kinds of classes/objects. These include goldfish, great white shark, tiger shark, sports car, etc.

Visit the github repository for the examples and code:


  • To install mlhub

      $ pip3 install mlhub
  • To install and run the pre-built model:

      $ ml install   objects
      $ ml readme    objects
      $ ml configure objects
      $ ml demo      objects
      $ ml identify  objects


  • To identify the object in an image from a local file:

      $ ml identify objects ~/.mlhub/objects/images/lynx.jpg
  • To identify the object in images in a folder:

      $ ml identify objects ~/.mlhub/objects/images/
  • To identify the object in an image from the web (e.g. :

      $ ml identify objects
  • To interactively provide images without repeatedly reloading the model:

      $ ml identify objects
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