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# Python program to send Resolution T serial TSIP messages
# Written by: Michael Hutchins
# Import modules
from tsip import *
serialPort = '/dev/ttyO0'
# Configure serial connection
ser = setup_serial(serialPort)
# Messages to send
messages={'01':['101e4b1003'.decode('hex')], # Hard Reset
'02':['101e0e1003'.decode('hex')], # Warm Reset
'03':['10bb00070204ff3db2b8c2408000004140000040c00000dd01ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff1003'.decode('hex'), # General settings: O-D clock mode, stationary, 5 deg elev mask, dpgs auto off, datum wgs-84, anti-jamming
'108e4e041003'.decode('hex'), # Set PPS to need >= 3 satellites
'108ea2ff1003'.decode('hex'), # Set time reporting to UTC
'108ea5004500001003'.decode('hex')], # Set auto event packet mask (enable number of satellites)
'07':['107a0001000000011003'.decode('hex'), #Set NMEA settings
'10bc000606030000000204001003'.decode('hex')], #Switch to NMEA messages (4800 8N1)
'50':['108e261003'.decode('hex')], # Write to ROM
while True:
print 'This program allows sending of prerecorded TSIP messages'
print 'Enter the message number to send:'
print ' 01 - Reset GPS (Hard)'
print ' 02 - Reset GPS (Warm)'
print ' 03 - Configre GPS'
print ' 06 - Set NMEA Settings'
print ' 07 - Switch to NMEA'
print ' 50 - Write Configuration to ROM'
print ' raw - Custom message'
print ' 99 - Exit'
result=raw_input('Message number:')
if result in '99':
elif result in 'raw':
messages = {'raw':[raw.decode('hex')]}
elif result in '07':
print ' Switching to NMEA can only be reversed by a manual power cycle.'
confirm = raw_input(' Continue (y/n)?')
if confirm not in 'y':
# Write message
for bin in messages[result]:
print 'Writing: ' + str(bin.encode('hex'))
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